Come and have a go…

…if you think you’re BARD enough.
No, we’re not inviting you to come have fistycuffs with us and hammering out a b instead of an h on the keyboard in the process, thankfully, as we’re rubbish at fighting. What we’re actually on about is an upcoming play at the Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool. As part of the Liverpool Shakespeare Festival, in association with Lodestar and Liverpool City Council ‘Hamlet – Come and Have a Go If You Think You’re Bard Enough’ is a very exciting sounding version of the famous play whereby many different theatre companies and actors at all different stages in their careers come to together for the performance – with not one rehearsal beforehand. Madness you might say! But by all accounts when a similar thing was done in 2011 it made for  fabulous, often amusing, highly entertaining watching, and we’ve had the pleasure of designing their poster and show programme.

Hamlet Poster by ErroZero Design, Liverpool

One of the folks involved in organising the performance found this image of “Sgt Shakespeare” and thought it would be the perfect image to use on the poster. So, they got in touch with Robert Carter, the artists who created this wonderful painting and asked for permission to use it. Robert gave permission, so it was then up to us to create the poster for the show, the outcome of which is shown above. We wanted to make sure the information was clearly visible, so it couldn’t just be text straight onto the painting as there would be to much going on. That said, we didn’t want to put big blocks of white space and obscure too much of the painting as it really needed to be the central focus and we didn’t want to cut any of it off. The solution we came to meant that we used the space at the top for the title and then all additional info would be placed in complimentary colour boxes not much bigger than the text itself. We think it works really well and has great impact.
If you would like to see more of Robert’s amazing work then check out his website:

We are currently still working on the show programme but will be sure to show you once it is finished! Do come along if you’re in Liverpool, we’ll certainly be there!


EDIT: UNFORTUNATELY THIS SHOW HAS NOW BE CANCELLED. We’re hoping this isn’t the last we’ll hear from CAHAG events though, it sounded like it was going to be really good 😥